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Doc says:
11 Dec, 2003

Thank you YAB Datuk Amar Laila for officiating in what I termed the MOST BRILLIANT ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CONFERENCE that I have experienced in my journey.

The brilliance of the Conference can only be had from the wonderful mix of speakers (who volunteered their expertise), practitioners, booth operators, and facilitators. To each and everyone of you, "TERIMA KASIH - THANK YOU".

Of course we have to thank the tireless and tenacious efforts of The Committee who wanted so much to make the weekend a most successful one for the public. This they have delivered admirably.

Lastly, the support from the public augurs well for future years. With your interest and your attendance, the Alternative Health Conference came alive. I hope that you enjoyed the weekend.

As for myself, I am so proud of you, especially those who worked so hard over the months against all odds and knockers, and at least I know that in Kuching there are those who really care and want to make this world a better place for the living.

From my heart, thank you Kuching!

H F Liew
30 August, 2003

Doc says:
28 August, 2003


Q:  My sister has breast cancer.Her arm is swollen from the shoulder right to the hand. Can lymphatic drainage help ? Please advise. Urgent. Thank you.

My Dear HF Liew:

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy will definitely help and she must be given this treatment immediately (to prevent hardened swelling). Also, I will be presenting a health talk on Sunday night, Sept.7, from 7pm. Please be there with your sister for a lot will be on how to get to the root cause of cancer as expounded by me over the years.

May I ask whether it is the left or right breast?

I will be returning to PJ Centre from Melbourne on Sunday the 7th of September for the presentation. My number is 012-3136032 or contact Catherine 012-3892283 on Saturday the 6th of September as she is also out of town.

Love and hugs.

Doc says:
17 August, 2003

Let it be known that no one is appointed by me to teach THE YONGIWAY MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE THERAPY other than Catherine Wong (who has been trained to teach). I will not recognise anyone who deems to have learned from another graduate the YONGIWAY METHOD. I will also not recognise or recommend anyone who has done the Basic Home Remedy course to patients/clients unless they have done the PROFESSIONAL COURSE. It is for obvious reason(s) that this stance is taken. Anyone practising more than the YONGIWAY MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE THERAPY (a mix of strokes or contradictions to method taught) will also not be recognised.  Again, this stand is taken because there are practitioners who are now including "other strokes or methods" that are detrimental to client's health and well being. I AM TAKING THIS STRONG STANCE TO KEEP THE YONGIWAY IMAGE ONE OF PROFESSIONALISM AND NO "CURI AYAM" OR SHORT CUT APPROACH.

Doc says:
14 August, 2003
Question Posed from a graduate:

"Why am I so sensitive about comments made that crucifies my lifestyle - eg. cannot sleep and feeling angry most of the time?" Doc's answer: Accept comments and move along in life. the more you think, the more it will eat you up. Believe in yourself rather than be affected by comments that are usually negative and destructive. within yourself UNLEASH the "YING WITHIN".

If your recipe on sensitivities is no longer working, then change it to something more to "LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST."

Doc says:
18 July, 2003

It makes me wonder once more the attitude generally of Malaysians who want to short-cut and reluctant to pay for workshops that show them the process of different modalities. It is like "WHY SHOULD WE PAY WHEN THERE IS ONE LOOK SEE ALL AND KNOW ALL" type of mentality.

It really disappoints me when you are my graduates and yet still do not understand the principle of "HUMBLY LEARNING FROM THE MASTER" in the area(s) that you are interested in.

The other disappointment that I have is that some of you are complaining about the fees charged for each workshop or product. First of all, the workshops are priced in such a way that they are actually at least 100% cheaper than any existing ones (some are just a fraction!). I heard that one or two of you say that you can buy cheaper from the Internet and so on.

If that's the case go for it. I purchase my Tarot Card at A$38 which equates to about RM90. Does it kill you that I make RM10 from you?

Well I can also say that why should I go to your shop and buy a product when I can buy direct from the Internet?

Everything is relative. It is the essence of doing and knowing that I do not mislead anyone in my journey that is important to me within myself. I cannot please everyone. There will always be moaners and groaners, so be it!

I journey along in my work. I am grateful to the vast majority who support and keep on helping and caring for others under the umbrella of either the PJ or the Kuching Centre. I thank you for that.

Doc says:
18 July, 2003

If you are at the cross-roads and need advice to go into a PROFESSIONAL CAREER, please see me and tap into my expertise in this field.

At the moment, there are PROFESSIONAL COURSES in MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE THERAPY, AROMATHERAPY, and REFLEXOLOGY. You will have at least three most valued benefits in doing any of the above courses:

  1. You will have plenty of free time and a stress free profession.
  2. You will have a "PURPOSE IN LIFE".

My therapists in the main are earning at an average around 4K per calender month. There are those who are earning up to 8K pcm.

Ring me direct at 012-3136032 for advice or contact either Dr.Leong or Catherine for an appointment with me.

Doc says:
17 July, 2003

With your LOVE and CARE, I managed to go through the passing of my dad in a most profound and grateful way. My family and I would like to thank all of you who expressed your condolences to me and family, especially to be with me during my grief. Especially I would like to thank Phillip and Elizabeth Tang and their family for their support. It is also so moving to have Mdm.Wong Soon Min and daughter, Pei Su, at the funeral.

At times like this it is really "FAMILY WE ARE ONE"!

Once again, thanks a zillion.

Doc says:
11 June, 2003
YongiWay Mastey course:
CONGRATULATIONS once again to the most recent Mastery Graduates. You have all done magnificently well, "YOUR WAY". I am so proud of you. Do not dwell on FEAR, WORRY, NEGATIVISM, and CONFLICT. Go on to practice all that you have mastered and base your life on "UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES OF LOVE, JOY, AND HAPPINESS!" These principles are your ticket to "LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST WITH THE BEST OF GOOD HEALTH"!  On behalf of Dr. Leong and myself, I like to take this opportunity to thank all who gave so much voluntarily to ensure the success of the Mastery Course.
Doc says:
13 May, 2003 
A great immune enhancing to prevent flu symptom is by induging yourself with aromatherapy. Blend Lemon scented tea tree oil (or tea tree and lemon essential oil), ginger or pepper, sandalwood, and sweet orange. Believe me not, this concoction will build up your immune system.
Doc says:
30 April, 2003
A matter of clarity. The Shark Liver Oil from Australia that is sold to you is not a Pan Pharmaceutical product. It is not withdrawn by the Australian Health authorities or by the Therapeutic Drug Administrators. It is a Nutricorp manufactured product.

Shark Liver Oil, by the way, is the best supplement to have to enhance your immune system as it plays a vital part in the production and stimulation of white blood cells. Amongst its uses include healing wounds faster, boosting energy to prevent infection and helping cancer patients live longer, and reduce the vital infections connected with allergies, sinus problems, flu, and the common cold.

With SARS around, it makes sense to have Shark Liver Oil (I myself take 4 tablets a day as opposed to the one or two that I have been taking) to enhance your immune system.

Doc says:
24 April, 2003
Just received a new batch of UV Light (only 10) for Malaysia. Five already booked and paid for. This is great unit to have in your room or kids' room for it is proven anti bacterial and anti germs. UV Light is also used these days for water filters - the blue light that eliminates germs from water. The UV Light lamp has deodorizing, O3 effects and gemicidal. That's why I recommend, SARS or otherwise. Look at the Promotional Offer on the website - only 5 left.
Doc says:
16 April, 2003
PREVENTATIVE SARS PLUS OTHER AILMENTS:  I suggest that you really look into a wholesome approach.
  1. UV Light for the room. converts air to O3 (0 three), kills germs and bacteria, and breaks down polluted air particles.
  2. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy so that lymphocytes within the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system can be activated to defend bacteria or viral invaders.
  3. Shark Liver Oil an excellent food supplement to build up the immune system, Omega 3, and squalene. Keeps cold, coughs, and breakdown at bay.
  4. Laugh, laugh, and laugh lah. Can you do this??? If not, just imagine Dr.Yong's face (ah, so you are laughing!).